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Perth Stag Weekends

Plan yourself a great stag weekend in Perth

The Highlights

    • We have probably the best Perth stag deals around. We are based locally.
    • We only need a very small deposit to book your stag weekend.
    • All our suppliers and activity providers are stag friendly.
    • We have special deals throughout the year.
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Why Perth Is A Good Place For A Stag Weekend

Look let me say it right now that Perth is just freaking amazing ok. Sure it may not have the big city feel of say someplace like Edinburgh but Perth is a place that stands out from the rest. You see while Perth does not have a wild nightlife (although there are plenty of things to do in the evenings) Perth is a place that is mainly about all the mental stuff that you stags can get up to during the day. Seriously this is the kind of place where you can do it all when it comes to the outdoors!

Now I am sure that not to many of you gents are the cultured types, but if you want to do a wee bit of sightseeing then check out these two medieval type attractions. Hunting Tower Castle and Elcho Castle. Even if you do not care about the history of these places they are cool to go to as you can pretend you are in Lord Of The Rings or Game Of Thrones, well Game Of Thrones without all the killing and sex.

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