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Pitlochry Stag Weekends

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Why Pitlochry Is A Good Choice For Your Stag Weekend

Now it may not be the most clear cut and obvious choice in Scotland for a stag weekend. But really, Pitlochry is the kind of town that is just perfect for a group of blokes to go to! You see you can really make the most of the Scottish outdoors here and no matter if you want to drive, jump, shoot, swim or look at boobs there is a way we can make it happen here in Pitlochry!

There is not a whole lot of touristy stuff going on here. It’s mainly a hot spot for those who like country walks, but one place that is pretty cool to go for a walk to is the impressive Pitlochry Dam and Fish Ladder Circular Walk a little walk around here is a great way to cure that headache from all the booze you had the night before!

A Small Taste Of The Amazing Day Time Activities Here

When you book a stag weekend in Pitlochry, you know that you are going to be doing some really bad ass outdoors, action man type stuff and that is what I have for you guys down below!

Pitlochry Golf Course

This 18 hole golf course is one of the most prized places in Pitlochry. People come from all over Scotland to play here. This is just a fantastic course that is set in a really “Scottish” location. The guys here are really cool and want to be the number on course in Scotland! If a round of 18 holes may be a bit much for some of your stag group then the do also have a driving range! Even if you play like Tiger Woods after he has taken a beating from his wife, driving ranges are still fun and good for people of all skill levels.


Rockslides, waterfalls, caves and rock falls are just a few of the things that you will have to deal with when you are having a wild day of canyoning. You guys will be taken on one of the most spectacular adventures you will have ever been on. You will be all kitted out in some essential (but still cool looking) safety gear and then your instructor will take you to parts of Scotland that hardly anyone gets to see! The time will just fly by, but at the end you will all be well and truly knackered.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Charlie Pirie will be your celebrity clay pigeon shooting instructor well I say celebrity, truth be told I have never heard of the bloke, but he is a big deal on BBC2……. Apparently. Anyway enough of that. This is all about you guys living out what all us boys dream of the first time we saw, Predator or Terminator and that is holding a shotgun! Here you guys will actually be taught (by a guy who knows what he is doing!) how to really shoot! The first time to take down a target, bad ass is not cool enough word for how amazing you will feel!

Off Road Driving Experience!

These guys offer two types of 4 x 4 driving experience one is where you guys will get to go behind the wheel of a 4 x 4 and take on a really challenging off road course which is actually the highest one in the whole UK! If this sounds a bit too crazy for you and you feel your driving skills may just get everyone killed. Then they do also offer a 4 x 4 safari where a skilled driver will take you boys on one hell of a ride that has more in common with a roller coaster ride than a normal safari.

Having A Great Stag Night In Pitlochry

Pitlochry is a real old school type of Scottish place when it comes to its nightlife. So it’s not full of clubs and lap dancing joints on every corner. Still there are some fun places to have some beers here and Perth is only 40 minutes away. So a crazy stag night is still on the cards here so do not worry!

Live Music At The Old Mill

Pitlochry has many good Scottish pubs for you boys to have more than a few beers in, but this one here, The Old Mill as well as being a really cool pub to have some drinks in. Also have live music playing here. You get a good mix of different types of music , but for the most part its more traditional Scottish type music which with the way the bar looks, the locals and the atmosphere in general makes your stag night just a wee bit more Scottish.

The Moulin Inn

What I have for you guys here is just a damn fine good, Scottish style pub. This is regarded by many of the locals as the best pub in Pitlochry. And The Moulin Inn has the awards to back it up they have won plenty of awards the last few years for just what a great place this is to drink the night away. When looking for a pub to have a good, Scottish piss up in, you guys need look no further than this place. As well as serving plenty of nice drinks, The Moulin Inn is also well known for its amazing pub food!

The Green Room (Perth)

Now this may require a short drive to Perth, but The Green Room is just freaking cool! This is a live music venue/bar/nightclub all in one. They have a really cool party atmosphere here with plenty of space to dance, watch the live band and hell they even have pool and table football here. This is a venue that has just been tailor made for a stag night! This is a venue where you guys can spend the whole night and not get bored or want to go anywhere else!

Getting Here!

The A9 will get you here without any problems (well not counting bloody road works and moron drivers of course) but if you cannot agree on who should be the designated driver then get the train here. Pitlochry has a train station which is very well connected to the rest of Scotland.

Good Eating In Pitlochry

The Scottish Deli

I know that for some having to stop and eat can get in the way of having a great stag do so with that in mind I have for you, The Scottish Deli. Here you can grab a bite to eat and then just go! They are the best deli around and have people coming from all over to grab some grub. For a quick take away lunch, you will not beat this place.

The Pasha Restaurant Pitlochry

For some exotic Mediterranean food, you have to come to the very popular, Pasha Restaurant. As well as getting a good mix of Greek and Turkish food, Pasha also offers you a more upmarket and high class dining experience. So if you do want to take the groom out for a “classy” meal then this would be the perfect place.

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