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Dundee Stag Weekends

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Why Dundee Is Great For A Stag Weekend

A stag weekend in the good city of Dundee is guaranteed to be an awesome time and the perfect way for you lads to send the groom off into his new life of being told what to do…… I kid, I kid being married is……..great. Anyway Dundee has just a ton of amazing and fun activities that you blokes can get up to during the day and then at night, Dundee has its own places to go, but Edinburgh is just a short train ride away as well.

Dundee is actually classed as a bit of a cultured city and if you guys want to do something a wee bit educational to make up for all the crazy things you are going to do on your stag night. Then I recommend a trip to The Dundee Science Centre. A place where they have all kinds of cool stuff to check out.

How To Get Here

Dundee is very easy to get to on the train. This I would say is the easiest and most convenient way for a group of lads who plan on doing some serious drinking to get here. If you want to drive though then Dundee can be reached via the A92 or the A90 very easily.

Having A Great Stag Night In Dundee

Dundee has one of the most under rated nightlife’s if you ask me and if you want to kick things up a notch then Edinburgh is very close by as well.

Liquid & Envy Nightclub

For a high tech, state of the art, bad ass night of clubbing in the heart of Dundee. Then you cannot beat a big club night at Liquid & Envy Nightclub. On the 1-10 cool chart this place is a freaking 12! They have some of the best nights in Dundee here and as it’s such a popular and hip club all the hot chicks come here to party. You guys will be in heaven here as you are pounding down the great (and well-priced) booze and checking out the local ladies.

Lap Dancing Club

Dundee is actually lacking when it comes to lap dancing clubs. But when the one they do have is this amazing then it’s not a big deal at all. Private Eyes Lap Dancing Club is a tremendous lap dancing club and the perfect place to bring the groom to. Here he can see just a never ending run of amazing hot girls wearing next to no (or in some cases zero) clothes at all. In all this place is just freaking awesome and a stag night in Dundee is not a real stag night without at least a couple of hours pit stop here.

Club Tropicana

For you guys who love all things 80’s then your stag night will certainly want to happen at the over the top, but fun, Club Tropicana! They love the 80’s here and all the big hits will be playing and the club in general just captures the 80’s down to every last detail. This is for you guys who want to go to a club that is a little bit different and not like all the rest. Hell let them know you are a stag party, dress up in your best 80’s gear and then the night really will be one to remember!

Kage Rock Club

Some people just do not like dance music and their idea of hell is a night in a dance club. Well do not worry my hard rocking friends as Kage play all the best rock, alterative and indie music. So for you Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters and Kiss fans this is the club you want to come to during your stag night. They also have some really bad ass and fun theme nights here so check to see if they have one on during your stag weekend.

What You Can Get Up To In The Daytime In Dundee

Take a look at these awesome day time activates you guys can get up to here in Dundee and places that are really close by!

A Day Of Bad Ass Paintball

As long as blokes like to have stag weekends then people like myself will recommend a damn fine game of paintball. Paintball is one of the most fun activities a group of mates (and the grooms weird and creepy future in laws) can do. Bedlam paintball are awesome and they have all these different game scenarios (some based on cool movies) that will get you guys really into the spirit of things as you try to shoot your mates and lead your squad to victory.

Hovercraft Riding

Here I have an activity that is a wee bit different from the norm. Not to many people have had the pleasure of racing hovercrafts. Well now you can! Riding (or is it driving?) a hovercraft at first feels a little weird, but once you get used to it and have had a bit of practice you then get to test your skills against your mates as you take part in a time trial race! This is just perfect for a stag weekend as it’s not something you guys would do on a normal weekend. It’s a short trip from the centre of Dundee, but it’s well and truly worth it.

Go Kart Racing

I am sure more than a few blokes in your stag group will fancy themselves as the ultimate driver. Well now you can take part in a fast paced, action packed and explosion filled…… well maybe not explosion filled, go kart race! This is like a mini F1 race and you guys will be wearing race gear, a helmet and be driving some really fast go karts. What is really cool about this for a stag activity is that these go karts are really easy to drive so even the terrible drivers will be able to get round the track. For fun that has the need for speed this is where you guys need to come.

Tank Driving Scotland

If you guys fancy yourselves as total bad asses then the place you simply must go is the amazing, Tank Driving Scotland. Of course the main event that they offer here is letting you maniacs get in and drive an actual tank. How many people do you know who can say they have driven a frigging tank? But they also offer many other great stag do activities here from shooting, argo cat driving, archery and many more! For you action men, GI Joe type blokes, Tank Driving Scotland will be your idea of heaven!

Places To Eat In Dundee


For a stag group it’s hard to think of a better suited place to grab a bite to eat and have a few beers than Braes. This place has it all on their menu, pizza, burgers and hotdogs are just a few of the manly highlights that are on offer here. They do have a fantastic menu here and I am sure your whole stag group will be very happy.

City Harbour Chinese Buffet

A meal at the City Harbour Chinese Buffet is the perfect way to make sure you are well and truly full up before you hit the town for your stag night! What is perfect about this place is that you can just eat what you want to eat and you are not tied down to a menu. They have just a ton of food to choose from so go and load up your plate to the max and enjoy a nice hour (or two) stuffing your face at the City Harbour Chinese Buffet.

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