Inverness Stag Shooting Activities

Camouflaging as best shooters, or targeting the clays or shooting at the clays with the laser lights, whatever it is, doing the job of a hunter with a sharp eye can be good on your stag weekend in Inverness. A day of shooting can be greatly fun, only if you love to be in the midst of flying clays, opponents and shaped clays. No matter whether you are a professional or a novice, experts with a knowledge in this field will guide you and help you at every strike!

So enjoy being the fledged winner, only if you strike when you should be striking! What more fun than being the centre of attention of your enemies, running amidst the mountain scrapes and being hitten or running behind the flying clays to strike it or straining your eyes to hit at the rabbit shaped clays. A day of paintball, clay pigeon shooting or laser clays can be perfect for you guys to show off your skills in front off your mates even while your friends are doing the same! 

This opportunity where you can have fun with your mates will never bore you, if you are in Inverness. New ideas in your mind or want to know more details about the shooting activities, drop us a mail or call us at Gobananas for a full review of this absolutely great event.