Inverness Stag Water Based Activity

Canoeing Trip on River Spey

£ 49.99
Experience a fun of 3 hrs canoeing trip on the River Spey and enjoy paddling amidst the scenic outdoors with mates.

Canoeing at Kushi Adventures - Inverness

£ 53.99
Experience a cool watery treat with mates and enjoy paddling on some of the most picturesque outdoors in Inverness in your canoeing day.

Duckies in Highland - Full Day

£ 54.99
Duckies are the kind of activity that provides you with lots of fun and adventure.

Kayaking at Kushi Adventures - Inverness

£ 44.99
Time to headout for some paddling session with your friends and experience a great time out trying this watery treat in Inverness.

Inverness has some of the best water based activities in the whole of Scotland. From white water rafting to kayaking and duckies, there is a whole lot of options on offer. There are many rivers and hydro dams where these activities are done all round the year. Inverness Stag Water Based Activity ensures a wet and wild fun time for the boys. Our experienced instructors will help you get the hang of these adventure activities.

Enjoy a wild tumble down the rapids, crash through waves or paddle your way down the wild rivers, no matter what ever you choose to do , water activities in Inverness are nothing but loads of fun. Excellent icebreakers and group events , water based activities are well suited for all age groups and skill sets as well. To get more information of this exciting option, browse our list of activities in Inverness and make your stag party a cut above the rest.