• The Castles of Aberdeen & Moray

    The Castles of Aberdeen & Moray

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Castles in Aberdeenshire & Moray

Aberdeenshire in Scotland is particularly famous for an extraordinary number of fabulous castles, some of which have been inhabited for at least 600 years. Set out on an interesting Castle Trail that will help you explorethe glorious past and the  dramatic stories of 17 of Aberdeenshire’s most famous castles.

Rait Castle

Very ruinous castle near Nairn that needs attention if it not to slump into ruin and total dilapidation

Tor Castle (Castle of Dallas)

Keep of the Comyns/Cummings built around 1419. Rebuilt in 1450 by royal architect Robert Cochrane and probably inhabited until mid 17th century. Now ruinous and barely existent

Slains Castle

Striking ruined castle in atmospheric locaion beside the North Sea near Cruden Bay. Brilliant for family picnic and hide and seek

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