An Carra Standing Stone

Very tall standing stone on South Uist that dates to neolithic period. The stone rises almost 17 feet into the air which makes it one of the largest standing stones in the isles. Its history is veiled in a typical hebridean mist.

Also known as Bheinn a'Charra

Carra means stone pillar and the purpose and role of this solitary, very tall pillar is unknown. There is no visible evidence of other stones nearby to accompany it or of other purposes. 

It is now covered in a fine lichen almost like a beard and in its solitary splendour has a wonderfully mysterious quality to it. As a neolithic stone, it dates back thousands of years.

Travel Directions to An Carra Standing Stone

Turn of A865 turning east south of Stoneybridge road. There is a sign towards Stoneybridge water treatment works. The road is untarmacced.

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