Seacliff Tower

Ruined probably C16 tower house in exposed position on cliff. Walkable from east end of Seacliff beach.

Seacliff Tower. A ruinous structure, that probably dates from the end of the 16th century, stands on an exposed position on the cliffs above the Car rocks nearly 700 yards east of the Seacliff estate buildings. The building has been oblong, measures 20 feet wide externally and has a present length of 47 feet; at the western end there has been a small rectangular wing, probably a stair tower. The nothern angle of the building stands to a height of 12 feet, but the upper 8 feet of this has been rebuilt. The walls are reduced in places to the present ground level, but the north-west wall is sufficiently high to show remains of a fireplace, slop drain and window. The building is known locally as 'Sligo's Lookout.' 

Opening Times

OPen to walk up, and unattended

Travel Directions to Seacliff Tower

Travel Directions

Walk along coastline from Seacliff Beach to the East, past St Baldred's Boat

Visitor Attractions

  • Seacliff Beach

    Private owned beach to east of Dunbar up coast from Tantallon. Half mile beach with tiny harbour, two castles and old house to explore.

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